The Loeinx Warriors of Hope collection is inspired by the little soldiers across the world who are up against an invisible enemy. As their tiny bodies fight off cancer, they face a beast that is daunting even to adults. Yet, as difficult as it is to watch the disease break down the little soldiers’ walls of safety, to witness the fears and tribulations that parents face, one young warrior moved me not to turn my face away - to wipe the tears from my face and open my eyes to the beauty that can be found along this dark path.

Somewhere there is a warrior creating butterflies from the cracks on the ceiling of the oncology ward. Another warrior is painting the most beautiful, colourful masterpiece. The lesson to learn is that there is always hope, even in the darkest of times. These brave little warriors refuse to let the beast win. Even when it takes its toll on their bodies, their bold hearts proclaim a battle cry of laughter. They are the Warriors of Hope and their mission is to open the eyes of the world.

These deeply moving experiences resulted in the Warriors of Hope range. The designs incorporate both the dark times faced by children suffering from cancer, and the bright, unbreakable spirits of these little soldiers. Incorporating dark colours, stripes, colourful polka dots, and yellow cancer pom-poms, the pinnacle of the design is the artwork of the children and the way they bring colour to their world. The designs illustrate the contrast between children who suffer internally, but still wipe their parents tears and make each other laugh in oncology wards across the globe.

This humbling journey takes us to the highest highs and lowest lows; and losses that we don’t always understand. Like the loss of Zeake Swart, a very brave girl who inspired so many others with unwavering hope, joy and kindness. This collection tells the story of real children like Zeake, facing life threatening fears with smiles on their faces.

It is time to make way for the future generation. A generation that chooses to see beauty in every situation. They do not allow anything to steal their joy. Fall in line soldiers - the beast may be big, but together we’re bigger. It’s time to support the Warriors of Hope...



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