At Keedo, we have always operated with a great love for the children of the world and the environment they grow up in. Our Keedo Cares initiatives drive sustainable change, while we use our clothing, whimsical prints and educational swing tags to educate children about nature. When we focus on the areas in life where love and care is born, we collectively grow stronger, achieve more, and help more of those in need.

Embracing Dignity & Hope

This month (July), we’re challenging our caring customers to join us in a collaboration with Footprints 4 Sam. This worthy cause operates to offer hope and dignity to underprivileged children and their families as they take on the daily uncertainties faced when a child has a life limiting or life-threatening illness.

Established in honour of the Founders’ son, Samuel John Frederick Platt, the organisation focuses on tangible initiatives to help these families get the care and support they need. Sam was born on the 9 April 2015 and spent his entire short life of 15 and a half months in ICU, and the majority of this intubated and on a ventilator. His story is one of poor healthcare service, several misdiagnoses, and disappointment – and that is what Footprints 4 Sam aims to overcome for others.

This month, we’re encouraging those in our communities who care to donate R10 to the Footprints 4 Sam initiative via the Keedo website or when visiting our Keedo stores – whatever you donate, we’ll match, doubling the funds raised and joy created.

Six Key Initiatives, Spreading Love & Care

1. The Super Sam Hero Vehicle: Connecting families, as chronically ill underprivileged children and their families are chauffeured to the hospital and their clinic appointments in Cape Town.

2. The Super Sam Hero Bucket: Improving quality of life and addressing basic needs with a Love Bucket, Care Bucket, and Food Bucket - delivered to families in hospital or when they are going home, ensuring they have the essentials they need. 

3. The Beautiful Memory Project: Helping families make beautiful memories with the time they have together, including hosting events; redecorating hospital bereavement, counselling and breastfeeding rooms; making moulds of the child’s hands and feet for the families to keep; and putting memory boxes together.

4. The Super Sam Hero Wi-Fi Project: Improving access to communication, allowing families to stay connected with their children who are stuck in hospital and unable to see their families every day.

5. The SaM (Support and Ministry) Support Group: Offering support, dignity and hope to parents who have lost a child or who support a chronically ill child.

6. Advocacy: Advocating for change, creating an easier journey to diagnosis, treatment and care.

Spread the Love

At Keedo, we’ve built our entire organisation around the care of children. While we work hard to let kids be kids, there are those who are confined to a hospital bed. With your donations to Footprints 4 Sam, we’ll empower the organisation to bring joy, hope, love and care to those families and keedos who need it most.

Donate HERE.






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