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Frequently Asked Questions

We have tried to answer the most common questions below - if you can't find the information you're looking for, please Contact Us.

Store Queries

Are stores open? 

All our stores are now open, in strict accordance of government regulations.

What safety measures are in place? 

Our teams have been briefed to ensure the safety of our customers and our team. We are in strict accordance with the government regulations. Hygiene protocols that have been put in place, include: 

  • Staff will maintain social distance from customers. 
  • Stores will be disinfected before work begins, regularly during the working period and after work ends. Hand sanitizers are being rolled out at store entrances. 
  • All staff will be wearing face masks. 
  • All customers will also be required to wear masks before entering the stores. 
  • Staff will be using hand disinfectant and practicing regular hand washing. 
  • Speedpoints and other touch points will be disinfected after each customer. 
  • We will be offering contactless payment options via EFT. 
  • For online customers, our delivery partners will follow the strictest protocols for contactless delivery.

Orders & Deliveries

When will you deliver my order? 

We have commenced shipping all orders for winter essentials from 1st May – including home and in-store Click & Collect deliveries. Please bear with us as we work through the backlog from lock-down. Our teams are working around the clock to get your orders to you as soon as possible, while we maintain strict social distancing in all our facilities. The delivery delay of four weeks applies only to new orders. 

How are you prioritising deliveries?

The delivery delay of four weeks applies only to new orders. Existing orders will be sent out as soon as possible, and we are working to prioritise those which were received earliest, as well as masks. 

Can I change my delivery address? 

Our customer service team will do their best to assist in getting your order re-routed. Please contact them using the details or web form on our Contact Us page.


How do I place an order for a mask? 

Masks will be available to shop online (click here) from Friday 1st May, while stocks last. All our stores will be receiving stock over the coming days. We recognise the high demand for these items and will continue to manufacture and replenish stock as quickly as possible.  

Which stores have stock?

All our stores will be receiving stock over the coming days. Please call your nearest store to confirm availability.

How do I apply to produce masks for you?

To ramp up our production we are working with selected small CMT operators in the Western Cape. We will be relying on our existing network of suppliers to carry out this operation. 

What is the difference between the masks?

  • Keedmask Protective Mask features an expandable pleat in the centre that extends over your little one’s nose and chin as well as elastic ear-loops. They come with 5 filters. Each filter can be used 5 times. Iron to disinfect between uses. The mask can also be worn without filters and has adequate protection for everyday use. 
  • Keedmask Cool 3-Pack Masks are single-layer masks structured to fit your little one’s face perfectly with material ear-loops.
  • Keedmask Fun 3-Pack Masks are double-layered and feature elastic ear-loops with slight pleating on the sides.
  • Keedmask Tubular Scarves can be used as a scarf that gets pulled over the nose and mouth when entering public areas. It also make a cute beanie when knotted on the one side. It is made of a stretchable cotton-lycra.

Do your masks provide adequate protection?

  • We had our fabrics and masks tested 
  • Our entry level single layer cotton Cool Mask has a barrier rating of up to 75% with airflow rating up to 100%. It is the perfect rating for a child’s everyday wear – a light mask with great airflow and good protection.
  • The double layered Fun Mask offer double the barrier but will be thicker and warmer due to being two layers. 
  • Our protection Keedmask is similar to what is on the market for adults, double layered cotton woven with a pocket for a filter, ideal for using during air travel or when confined to smaller spaces.  
  • The parent can make the choice according to their specific needs. 

How does the sizing work?

Keedmask Fun 3-Pack

  • Size 1 is for age 3-4. The dimensions are 10 x 8cm
  • Size 2 is for age 4 – 7. The dimensions are 12 x 9.5cm

Keedmask Cool 3-Pack

  • Size 1 is for age 3-4. The dimensions are 10 x 8cm
  • Size 2 is for age 4 – 7. The dimensions are 12 x 9.5cm

Keedmask Protective Mask

  • Size 2 is for age 3-4. The dimensions are 17 x 6.5cm
  • Size 3 is for age 4 – 7. The dimensions are 19 x 7.5cm

How do you use a Keedmask?

  • Please don’t share your masks with anyone else
  • Make sure to change your mask daily
  • For cleaning – wash the mask with soap & water and make sure that you iron it to sterilise
  • Always wash your hands before putting it on
  • This mask cannot prevent you from getting a virus, but it does minimise your risk
  • Not advised for children below the age of 3 or any child with respiratory conditions
  • For hygiene & health reasons, masks may not be returned or exchanged

What are the masks made from?

  • 3 packs are made of knitted cotton to ensure airflow with 0.2% elastin for a comfortable stretch. 
  • The Protective mask is made from woven cotton.

General Queries

Will you be restocking sizes online?  

The sizes we have currently on the website are the ones we have available for purchase at the moment. We are working as quickly as possible to restock some of your favourite items, but this may not always be possible. 

How do I make payment on my RCS account? 

You can visit any of our stores which are currently open. If you aren’t able to visit a store, we suggest you make use of one of the online payment options. More information about payment options available for RCS can be found on our Store Card page. Should you continue experiencing issues, please contact RCS on 0861 729 727 or [email protected] and an agent will gladly assist you in resolving your issue.

What will happen regarding Lay-bys? 

You can visit any of our open stores.The Lay-by periods will be extended to factor in the lock-down period.  

Can I pay with my Store Card account online? 

You can purchase items on our online store using any of the following methods: 

  • Credit/Debit Card
  • EFT
  • eBucks
  • Discovery Miles
  • Mobicred