Keedo Masks & Lock-Down Delivery FAQs

Which products are currently available for shipping?

All kids clothing & shoes

When can I expect my order to be delivered?

We are asking our customers to please be patient and expect a delay in receiving their orders as we work through the backlog of essential-item orders placed during the lock-down period. 

What is the difference between the masks?

  • Keedmask Protective Mask features an expandable pleat in the centre that extends over your little one’s nose and chin as well as elastic ear-loops. They come with 5 filters. Each filter can be used 5 times. Iron to disinfect between uses. The mask can also be worn without filters and has adequate protection for everyday use. 
  • Keedmask Cool 3-Pack Masks are single-layer masks structured to fit your little one’s face perfectly with material ear-loops.
  • Keedmask Fun 3-Pack Masks are double-layered and feature elastic ear-loops with slight pleating on the sides.
  • Keedmask Tubular Scarves can be used as a scarf that gets pulled over the nose and mouth when entering public areas. It also make a cute beanie when knotted on the one side. It is made of a stretchable cotton-lycra.

What are the masks made from?

3 packs are made of knitted cotton to ensure airflow with 0.2% elastin for a comfortable stretch. 

The Protective mask is made from woven cotton. 

Do your masks provide adequate protection?

  • We had our fabrics and masks tested 
  • Our entry level single layer cotton Cool Mask has a barrier rating of up to 75% with airflow rating up to 100%. It is the perfect rating for a child’s everyday wear – a light mask with great airflow and good protection.
  • The double layered Fun Mask offer double the barrier but will be thicker and warmer due to being two layers. 
  • Our protection Keedmask is similar to what is on the market for adults, double layered cotton woven with a pocket for a filter, ideal for using during air travel or when confined to smaller spaces.  
  • The parent can make the choice according to their specific needs. 

How does the sizing work?

Keedmask Fun 3-Pack

  • Size 1 is for age 3-4. The dimensions are 10 x 8cm
  • Size 2 is for age 4 – 7. The dimensions are 12 x 9.5cm

Keedmask Cool 3-Pack

  • Size 1 is for age 3-4. The dimensions are 10 x 8cm
  • Size 2 is for age 4 – 7. The dimensions are 12 x 9.5cm

Keedmask Protective Mask

  • Size 2 is for age 3-4. The dimensions are 17 x 6.5cm
  • Size 3 is for age 4 – 7. The dimensions are 19 x 7.5cm

How do you use a Keedmask?

  • Please don’t share your masks with anyone else
  • Make sure to change your mask daily
  • For cleaning – wash the mask with soap & water and make sure that you iron it to sterilise
  • Always wash your hands before putting it on
  • This mask cannot prevent you from getting a virus, but it does minimise your risk
  • Not advised for children below the age of 3 or any child with respiratory conditions
  • For hygiene & health reasons, masks may not be returned or exchanged