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It’s Heritage Month and as a proudly South African business, Keedo strives to build a culture of “Loving Local”. Designed and created locally in Cape Town, Keedo clothing celebrates everything about South Africa; its customs, its fauna and flora, and its people.

As we focus on Heritage Day this year, consider the inheritance you’ll leave for generations to come. For almost three decades, the team at Keedo has operated with an ethos of local first, empowerment, job creation, and FUN! 

Local First

To us, Loving Local means creating jobs for those in our local communities. We also source a large portion of our raw materials locally, and our designer kids’ clothing is beautifully manufactured in Cape Town, South Africa. This has been our mainstay for almost 27 years – we love being local, employing local, and supporting local.

Loving local also means looking after children, and our environment. At Keedo, we are on a constant mission to reduce our carbon footprint. We strive to educate kids to love and respect themselves and Mother Nature in all its beauty.

Empowerment & Upliftment

With a focus on bringing about social and environmental change, Keedo places a large emphasis on the empowerment and upliftment of the people of South Africa. Through education, training, and upliftment programmes, Keedo empowers its staff.

An innovative Cut, Make, Trim (CMT) manufacturing approach, for example, incorporates satellite branches to support our staff. According to Zulfa Viljoen, Keedo Factory Team Leader, this empowers women to start their own small CMT in our communities.

This emphasis on training touches every aspect of the business. Printer, Teddy Phiri, received training to become an expert on the digital printing and embroidering machines, and now prints thousands of garments every month for Keedo. 

A Heritage of Fun

South Africa is a nation that embraces the fun side of life, even when times are tough. Keedo wholeheartedly adopted this culture and has successfully created a business that is fun to work for fueled by people who love their country and its people.

Having worked at Keedo for 19 years, Zulfa hasexperienced two decades of fun at Keedo. “I had my 21st birthday, my first child, got married; so, basically, become an adult at Keedo. I have worked in different departments and was empowered to learn and grow and make use of every opportunity. I never thought that I would become the factory team leader. It is my ultimate dream position where I can really make a difference.” 

Because Keedo Cares

With a passion for creating unique, quality, and beautiful clothing, our staff are almost as proud of what we produce as we are of them.

Belinda Phiri, HR Teams Leader at Keedo confirms that there’s nothing quite like seeing a little one in Keedo clothing. “It’s the best feeling ever. I remember when I went back home to Gauteng last year, I took my mom to a Keedo shop just to show her the quality of clothes we make. The feeling was priceless.” 

Machinist, Fundiswa Beauty Hohana, agrees. “I feel extremely proud as I know I am part of the team that created the beautiful product. I feel more motivated to be part of the process because it brings joy to the kids and make me feel very special.” 

This is the legacy that we’ll leave as a business. What’s yours?