About Us

Founded by Nelia Annandale in 1993, Keedo is an independent, Proudly South African designer children’s clothing brand that responsibly manufactures comfortable, fun and colourful children’s clothing; to the benefit of kids, the environment and communities around the world. With designs that inspire a love for nature and materials that are soft enough to let kids be kids, Keedo clothing embodies environmental education and sustainability.

All Keedo garments are designed and manufactured in Cape Town, South Africa, with complimentary accessories sourced firstly from local suppliers to ensure that your Keedo outfit is one to be admired. Fit and comfort are of utmost importance for our little customers, so rest assured our products are of the highest quality.

Keedo’s core values underpin everything that the company does and inspire its staff to do better, every day. 

The Keedo Way of Thinking

Letting kids be kids – we do this through our designs and the material we use. We only use cotton that is breathable and not irritating to sensitive little skins.

Giving back to our kids – we support causes and uplift many lives through numerous Keedo Cares social awareness projects.

Giving back to society – we strive to create local job opportunities where our workforce can be close to home (keeping an eye on their own kids).

Looking after mother earth – we try to instil a love of nature and mother earth through our designs and educational swing tags.

The Keedo Ethos

Keedo is passionate about protecting our beautiful planet and the people who depend on it, not because it’s fashionable but because it’s the only way.

"We draw our inspiration from nature and view our work product as happiness rather than clothing,” says Nelia.
Keedo prides ourself on the fact that we design and manufacture our products in South Africa. In some instances however, to fulfill our customers needs, less than 2% of our products may be imported when not able to be sourced locally.

In late 2016, Keedo merged with the Cape Union Mart group, forming the children's wear portion of the Cape Union offering to customers.


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