Keedo Family

Keedo, a designer children’s clothing brand, has taken on the challenge of sustainable employment opportunities with a ferocious
passion for job creation, an unwavering dedication to quality and comfort, and a heart for charity and community support.

As Keedo celebrates their 24th birthday this year, the brand is supported by loyal and talented staff, such as Nodumo Mani, factory supervisor.
The company, which was founded in 1993, now employs hundreds of employees across 26 mainline stores, a local factory in Paarden Eiland,
Cape Town, and various smaller satellite factories for home sewers (enabling women to spend less time commuting to work and
more time with their families).
From designing to sewing and finishing of garments, much of this work is conducted under one roof 
at the Paarden Eiland facility. Many aspects such as a cutting room, production line and even their own printing department put Keedo ahead of the pack in this regard without having to outsource work to other locations.

While the proudly South African company is passionate about its people, it is equally as enthusiastic about caring for the
environment, providing clothing that lets kids be kids and educating children about nature conservation. As such, the company
focusses on sustainable sourcing, while providing the market with designs that teach children to love Mother Nature and respect
the environment. 

Being environmentally friendly certainly doesn’t mean losing sight of fashion trends. Keedo regularly launches freshly inspired ranges.
When bright, happy colours are infused with simple styles, children are given the freedom to play, run and jump without constraint.
The styles offer a unique design for use every day at school, inspiring creativity, a love for nature and play. The exclusively
independent clothing brand is able to apply economies of scale, offering the utmost comfort and quality, at affordable prices.

Meet The Team

Design Divas                                                                   Pattern Masters

Sampling and Quality Control                                                            

Despatch Crew                                                                Accounting & HR
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